Virtual Pride is open to the UK’s entire LGBT+ community and to families, friends, supporters and allies who also want to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.


Virtual Pride is a strong reminder that Pride is not just a celebration, but also represents that while the tide has been turned against discrimination and prejudice in the UK, much still remains to be achieved in Britain and in other parts of the World. In some countries homosexuality remains illegal and several countries still retain the death sentence just for being LGBT+. Therefore, Pride also acknowledges that much remains to be done and that many LGBT+ people do not enjoy the freedoms many of us have now achieved in the UK.

With a lack of LGBT+ parades, marches and protests on our streets this summer, Virtual Pride offers a platform for the LGBT+ community to come together.

The Virtual Pride team were originally organising Merton Pride, before the Coronavirus outbreak cancelled their inaugural event. The London Borough of Merton is home to Wimbledon and Merton Pride would have been one of the biggest start-up Pride events in the UK this year. As the committee postponed their plans to 2021, they began work on Virtual Pride in March 2020.

At the helm of Virtual Pride a Steering Committee made of up of members from the LGBT+ community and supporters/allies help to meet our aims and objectives:

  • To enlighten and campaign for LGBT+ issues

  • To work alongside LGBT+ Forums and Charities to provide support to the LGBT+ Community on a variety of needs as well as access to LGBT+ opportunities

  • To raise awareness of discrimination and prejudice

  • To organise Virtual Pride 2020 as an online event on Saturday 23rd May

  • To raise money for Pride organisations that have taken part in Virtual Pride during this difficult year, including Bristol Pride (registered charity: 1166817), Cumbria Pride (registered charity: 1167160), Norwich Pride (registered charity: 1184491), and the launch of Merton Pride.

Virtual Pride    Raising essential funds for LGBT+ causes in the UK    

An equal share of all money raised during Virtual Pride will be divided between all Pride organisations taking part in Virtual Pride. These include: Bristol Pride (registered charity: 1166817), Cumbria Pride (registered charity: 1167160), Norwich Pride (registered charity: 1184491), and the launch of Merton Pride 2021.